Recently, I began another exciting chapter in my life… Something that we had been building bit by bit but that officially took flight this past June 25: the launch of Suroît Aventures! “Suroît” meaning southwester—that wind that blows in from the southwest, a hot and stable wind around our place in Isle-aux-Coudres. “Aventures” (adventures) because with us, in this school, people will learn and experience kitesurfing, paddleboarding, and outdoor yoga! In other words, three activities that give people a chance to get up close and personal with the river—activities that are revitalizing and a lot of fun!

On June 25, we put together a day of activities, inviting everyone and anyone to take part in these three adventures, with a backdrop of music and a sampling of treats! Many people came out to see us, both from the area and further away, including younger and older folks, as well as those familiar with water sports and others with just a passing interest… What’s more, the weather was on our side! In short, it was a perfect day for the event!

Of course, what stands out for me is all the fun we had together but, above all, the great joy of having my two feet firmly rooted at home in Isle-aux-Coudres, sharing this moment centered on sports, nature, and mutual interest with family members, friends, and others who stopped by.

I’m really proud of this burgeoning school! Who knows where this project will lead us? It’s impossible to predict but that’s partly the beauty of it all. What’s guaranteed? Meeting people, first times, great joy, intense moments, and much more!

I speak from experience: kitesurfing can change your life! It changed mine and it’s changing those of a growing number of people. Why? Because it’s the best way of reconnecting with what matters most: nature and its rhythm. Think about it… To ride, you need to feel the strength of the wind in your sail, master the water’s movements in order to hover along on your board, and get your mind and body in perfect sync so that you can position yourself to get the sail’s traction and the board’s glide to work together in harmony. In kitesurfing, living in the moment is easy! In an ultra-connected world, where we often don’t pay enough attention to everything around us, kitesurfing does us good. I like to believe that taking people into the river to give them a taste of kitesurfing can help them get back to basics and reconnect with themselves. I hope that our school will be able to initiate generations of kitesurfers who will play a part in the development of this wonderful community that is currently exploding all around the planet. I also hope that, one day, we will be even more closely united with the big sailing family, so that we can share and discuss our experiences!

Did I mention that the creation of Suroît Aventures was also made possible thanks to my boyfriend, who is co-owner of the school and who helps me to exceed my abilities by encouraging me to take part in my kitefoil racing competitions all over the world?

Speaking of competitions, here’s what my schedule looks like these days:

  • FORK, competition in Kingston (Ontario) from August 19 to 21
  • World Championship in Weifang Binhai (China) from September 9 to 15.

On September 16, for a wonderful conclusion to the world championship (the biggest event of my 2016 competition season), I will be celebrating another wonderful event: my 30th birthday! At that point, I’ll no doubt be telling myself:

I am seriously in love with life and I know the best is yet to come!