Located right in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, the State of Hawaii is the idyllic destination par excellence. That being said, its islands—formed by volcanoes and enveloped in lush forests—are also teeming with opportunities for vacationers looking to stay active!

Here are a few ideas for athletic activities to spice up your trip to Hawaii, on the islands of Kauai and Maui.



Yoga classes at the Kauai Power Yoga studio

If your goal is to relax while still staying in shape during your stay on Kauai, a yoga class at Kauai Power Yoga in Kapaa is the ideal thing for you! Both experienced yogis and curious novices will find what they’re looking for. The studio’s charming founder and instructor, Jessica, will warmly welcome you and take you through a yoga class that will work your muscles, your flexibility, and your balance. In other words, get ready to sweat, laugh, and meet some great people.

Once you’re done, you can bask in your moment of Zen at Café Hemingway, located near the studio, where you can have a bite and enjoy a good cup of coffee.

Get moving along the Ke Ala Hele Makalae Coastal Path

Bike, run, walk, or rollerblade… the choice is yours as you travel along Ke Ala Hele Makalae, a magnificent walkway that runs alongside the east coast of Kauai. The path is a dream route for runners looking to pair tourism with training… and for shutterbug walkers who want to stay active during their visit to the archipelago. The path starts at Lihi Park, in Kapaa, and ends at Ahihi Point. Along its 12 kilometres, the magnificent clear blue ocean vistas, surrounded by brilliant green tropical vegetation, will dazzle the eye, no matter which way you look. Take note: don’t let all the spectacular beauty make you forget to hydrate! The sun is anything but shy in Hawaii!

SUP or Kayak on Wailua River

No need to tackle the Pacific when you want to try your hand at water sports in Kauai! You can rent an SUP board or kayak and set off on an adventure on the calm waters of the Wailua River. If you want to use your time as a workout for your core muscles and upper body, paddle along at your own pace. If you’re more wary or want to become a master at the art of paddling, you can take lessons or a guided adventure tour!



Mountain biking on Haleakana Crater

One of the most popular and extraordinary activities on Maui is a mountain bike ride down the Haleakala volcanic crater. You are taken up to the top very early in the morning to watch the sunrise from the summit of the volcano. Right off the bat, this makes for a most memorable experience! Once nature’s show is over, you put on your helmet and other protective gear, climb onto your two-wheeled mount, and begin your 40-kilometre descent along a route offering truly incredible views! You can do the activity with a guide or on your own.

Hike or run the Lahaina Pali Trail

The Lahaina Pali Trail is a well-groomed, gravelly, and rather steep trail whose summit offers an incredible view of Maui. It also goes through a wind farm, which can be seen in the distance from more or less everywhere else around the island. You can hike the whole trail by going up one side of the mountain and down the other, or by making a return trip up and down either one of its sides. Depending on what kind of shape you’re in, it can take from three to five hours to complete the mountain walk! This is a most satisfying challenge that will make you feel proud of yourself… and leave you with breathtaking images burned into your memory! You’ll really need to stay hydrated on this activity, as the Lahaina Pali Trail is entirely exposed to the sun!

These suggestions are but a small sampling of the athletic activities you can enjoy while in Hawaii. They offer undeniable proof, however, that it is entirely possible—and even very enjoyable—to stay active during your next trip to the archipelago!