Nowadays, not only are we bombarded with messages on the importance of being physically active, but we are also confronted with an overwhelming number of sports and activities offered to get moving and stay active.

We consider physical activity as “the” miracle solution to our era’s new illnesses. And yet, the effectiveness of the strategies used to promote it is questionable when you count the number of people who remain inactive. In this respect, we could blame the many tactics that don’t work, but I prefer to share with you a solution that I came up with and that keeps me motivated.

I have always wondered why people around me didn’t enjoy moving and physical effort as much as I did. For me, CrossFit is the key to keeping me happy, just like hockey for hockey players and gymnastics for gymnasts. Every day, like a kid creating an imaginary world, I set aside two hours during which I give myself a mission to accomplish or an objective to reach. Without taking myself too seriously, I always end up with a smile and a sense of accomplishment, which remind me why I like this activity so much. This is exactly what I believe everyone should feel in order to understand the health benefits of physical activity. In my opinion, everything is influenced by the environment in which people find themselves.

Think about the environment in which you work, live and do sports. If you are truly happy, you probably have an environment conducive to carrying out each aspect of your life. If you work in a closet eight hours a day or if you are constantly exposed to instability, then it will definitely be hard for you to be happy and, above all, for you to be at your best. Your environment is an external factor that affects your motivation. My solution is simple: create environments that are particularly motivating; reinvent people’s experience of fitness and training.

During the past months, I have had the opportunity to train with one of the best Quebec athletes of international renown and his colleagues. The environment we trained in was friendly; each person was part of a team project. Everybody felt “at home.”

It’s also during this time that I opened my first functional training centre. This type of centre has been popping up all over the place for a number of years now. It provides group classes in which participants do “functional” exercises, that is, movements that you do in your daily life. These are easy and have many health benefits because they utilize all of your muscles to do only a few exercises.

The importance is that each person who goes to the centre feels at home. If you feel at home you are probably happy. If you feel good, you are more likely to want to go back. Find an environment that you like and keep going! Your life will radically change—if that’s what you want, of course!

The starting point is intention, but let the right environment guide you!

Have a great workout!

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